Data Analysis Without The Data Analyst

HIVE BI does not try to be the all in one, end-to-end solution to run your business as this simply does not work, but rather, our cloud based application allows you to access all of your data live from any device from a single source. Hive is simple to use and data agnostic.
In the Cloud | Hive Business Intelligence

In The Cloud

Means that you can go paperless and can access data from anywhere at any time.
Business Intelligence | Hive Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Data is collected from all departments to give a live snapshot of business operations.
Continually Updating | Hive Business Intelligence

Changes with You

We understand that your business needs to remain agile so our team work closely with you to surface new insights.


Hive’s unique customisable platform has allowed our teams across the network to quickly and easily manage their warehousing, staff and activities to grow efficiencies, reduce reporting errors and ultimately enhance the operation’s output.

I’d highly recommend Hive to anyone looking for a tailored business intelligence system that integrates with any existing systems.

Nathan Sugars, South East QLD Network Leader, LION

How It Works

HIVE BI allows you to pull verticals of data from all areas within your organisation. Create dashboards with visualisations of your data that will allow you to see what’s happening at the coal face of your business and make real-time decisions.
Data Analysis Tool | Hive Business Intelligence

Know Your Business

Identify data coming in from various programs used in operations.
Data Processing | Hive Business Intelligence

Optimise Insights

Setup targets and parameters to be used on your dashboard
Data Visualisations | Hive Business Intelligence

Custom Visualisations

View your workplace live on your customisable dashboard from any device any time

Request a Demo

If you would like a live demonstration of how Hive works leave your details and one of our team members will run you through how it works.

Custom Dashboard | Hive Business Intelligence


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