What is Hive?

Hive allows you to pull verticals of data from all areas within your organisations as well as creating custom data points, uses AI to analyses your data and filters your data into a customised dashboard that allows you to see whats happening at the coal face of your business and make real time decisions.

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In The Cloud

Means that you can go paperless and can access data from anywhere at any time.
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Business Intelligence

Data is collected from all departments to give a live snapshot of business operations.
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Continually updating

We understand that your business constantly evolves so our team work closely with your organisations to make changes and updates as they arise.

How It Works

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Understand your business, inside out

We meet with your team to get a holistic understanding of your operations to best understand what processes and information you need for better business intelligence.

Build a bespoke system

We customise our program to analyse data input from all levels within the organisation and present it in a easy to read format
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We understand that your business is constantly evolving. Our team works closely with your business to make any updates and changes as they arise.

Hive in Industries

Warehousing & Logistics

Hive is customised for each of your locations so that data that relevant data is collected and displayed in your dashboard


Hive allows you to gain real insight into mine operations by consolidating information on projects, work output asset management.


Hive integrates all reporting using streamline processing to develop forward thinking, improve government performance, services and accountability through cloud storage.


Hive offers a fully automated, online system to streamline your day to day operational reports for pubs and clubs into one convenient location.

Request a Demo

If you would like a live demonstration of how Hive works leave your details and one of our team members will run you through how it works.