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Hive is home for your data. It allows you to gain real-time insight into your operation by collecting data from all required avenues. Streamlining your business for smooth operations.

In businesses we are all looking for one platform to run our operations, but it doesn’t exist. We are always going to need a combination of either excel documents, rostering systems, inventory management, sales management, CRMs that fit our operations. Hive is home for all your data. Hive allows you to pull verticals of data from all areas within your organisations as well as creating localised data points, analyses your data and pulls it live to a customised dashboard that allows you to see whats happening at the coal face of your business and make real time decisions.

Hive does not try and be the all in one solution to run your business but our cloud based application allows you to access all of your data, live from any device. Assisting you in operational management, compliance and reporting.


Main benefits:

  • Create raw data, customised for your business
  • Collect real time data from all required verticals within your operations
  • AI and data analyses of your data to improve efficiencies
  • Asset management systems assures uptime and upkeep which increases productivity and safety
  • Custom dashboard with an easy to use interface
  • Accessible on any mobile or desktop design
  • Hive removes paper from the equation with a user friendly, simple to use application.